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Our Patriot Ancestors

The following is a list of the patriot ancestors of current members of the Philip Livingston Chapter, the type of service for which the patriot is credited, and the state of service.

Genealogical information on these patriots can be found on the DAR Genealogical Research System (GRS), a free searchable database, maintained by NSDAR, that includes information about these ancestors.

  • Arledge, Isaac, PS CS
  • Ashley, James, PVT MA
  • Batchelder, Jeremiah, PVT MA
  • Batchelder, Perrin, ENS MA
  • Bathrick, Tillabee, PVT MA
  • Black, David, PVT NY
  • Blake, Frelove, SOL CT
  • Blake, John, PVT NY
  • Bliss, Samuel, PVT MA
  • Boone, Benjamin, SOL NC
  • Boutelle, William, PVT MA
  • Bowen, Hezekiah, CS RI
  • Bowker, Levi, PVT MA
  • Brockman, John, PS NC
  • Brodhead, Daniel, BGEN PS PA
  • Buckles, Robert, Jr., LT VA
  • Carter, John Champe, CAPT VA
  • Catt, Philip, SOL PA & VA
  • Chapin, Abner, PVT MA
  • Chapin, Josiah, PVT MA
  • Chowning, William, PS SOL VA
  • Churchill, Samuel, PS VT
  • Cole, Elisha, Sr., PVT NY
  • Cole, Joseph, PVT NY
  • Collar, John, COL MA
  • Comfort, John, PS NY
  • Comfort, Samuel, PVT NY
  • Cone, Cyrus, PVT CT
  • Crooker, Benjamin, SMN MA
  • Damon, Stephen, PS PVT MA
  • Davis, Paul, SGT MA
  • Drake, Daniel, CAPT MA
  • Driggs, Bartholomew, PVT CT
  • Eager, William, PS NY
  • Egbert, James, LT NJ
  • Fairchild, Aaron, PVT MA
  • Fowler, Philip, CPL MA
  • Frazier, Jeremiah, PVT PS NY
  • Funderburgh, Devault, PS SC
  • Gambill (Gamble), Bradley, SOL CS VA & NC
  • Gunn, Nathaniel, Sr., LT MA
  • Hartzell, John Adam, PVT PA
  • Hetzler, Balthasar, PVT PA
  • Higley, Joel, CS CT
  • Hite, Abraham, Jr., PS CAPT VA
  • Howe, Timothy, PVT MA
  • Howes, Isaac, PVT MA
  • Hull, Nathaniel, Sr., PS NY
  • James, John, SGT CT
  • Jones, Daniel, PVT MA
  • Kent, Jacob, PVT MA
  • Knowlton, Charles, PVT MA
  • Leffingwell, Jonathan, PS CT
  • Leftwich, Augustine, PS VA
  • Lewis, James, CAPT NH
  • Lothrop, Andrew, CAPT CT
  • Manning, William, PVT PS CT
  • Mapes, Samuel, SOL NY
  • Mapes, Smith, PVT NY
  • Marble, Enoch, LT PS MA
  • Martin, James, PVT NJ
  • Mason, John, MAJ PA
  • McAllister, Edward, SOL VA
  • Merrill, Nathaniel, CS MA
  • Miller, John, PVT MD
  • Potter, John, PVT CT
  • Preston, Levi, CS PS NY
  • Preston, Othniel, Jr., PVT NY
  • Ream, Andrew, NONCOM PA
  • Reed, John, PS PA
  • Reed, John, PS VA
  • Richmond, Gideon, PVT MA
  • Rising, Benjamin, NONCOM CT
  • Roberts, Griffith, PVT PA
  • Sabin, Israel, PVT CT
  • Sherman, George, Jr., SGT MA & VT
  • Smith, Asa, PVT MA
  • Squire, Daniel, PVT CT
  • Stewart, Andrew, CPL CT & NY
  • Suggs, George, LT NC
  • Taft, Noah, Jr., PVT MA
  • Taft, Noah, Sr., 2LT MA
  • Terhune, John, ENS NJ
  • Tice, John, PVT NJ
  • Tindall, William, PVT NJ
  • Turner, Micah, Jr., SGT MA
  • Turner, Micah, Sr., CS MA
  • Turner, Shion, PVT MA
  • Verrill, Samuel, Sr., PS MA
  • Walker, Richard, PVT MD
  • Watts, James, PVT PA
  • Webb, Daniel, PS SGT MA
  • Wilson, James, PVT PS PA
  • Wood, Levi, PVT MA
  • Woodbury, Nathan, PVT MA
  • Youngblood, Johannes Willem, SOL NY


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